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I teach at math Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in the Berkshires.  I completed my Ph.D. at Syracuse University in 2012 and my advisor is Jack Graver.

My research is in graph theory, especially chemical graph theory and planar graphs. Currently, I study fullerenes and benzenoids, which are graphical representations of carbon molecules. I enjoy the variety of courses I teach at MCLA, including Math for Elementary Educators, Statistics, and courses for majors such as Graph Theory, Topology, Probability, and Algebraic Structures.

I am in a Math Alignment group, connecting mathematics teachers and coordinators at the college and K-12 level in the Berkshires. I am also the Service Learning co-coordinator for MCLA and the advisor to our Math Club. My outside activities include travel, hiking, cooking vegetarian food, and pottery.

To contact me, please email lizhartung@gmail.com.